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LIFT-OSA: Limited versus Full Testing for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

The LIFT study is a multi-centre randomised controlled trial which will compare patient outcomes following management by physicians who have access to information from only a limited sleep study versus full PSG data. Read more...

Australia joins international researchers to find a cure for narcolepsy

Blood samples from 10,000 people world wide will be collected and analysed to try and find a cure for narcolepsy. Researchers hope to identify specific genes or other blood markers that are unique to people suffering from this disorder. Read more...

Australasian researchers seek snorers to reduce heart risks

A major Australian-led global study into the deadly risks associated with snoring has just clocked up its 1,000 patient volunteer but is calling on Australian and New Zealanders to volunteer so it can reach its target of 5,000 patients worldwide. Read more...


Sleep Specialists Gather in Darwin for Australian Sleep Conference

Over 500 sleep experts from around the world will meet in Darwin this week to present the latest research on all aspects of sleep health and sleep disorders.

For three days, 204 presentations will be made covering the many facets of sleep, such as sleep disorders, treatments, shift work, fatigue, age specific sleep problems and lifestyle.

The conference, titled 'Sleep DownUnder 2012 - Sleep Up Top', starts on Thursday 10th October and concludes on Saturday 13th. It is the 24th annual meeting for the Australasian Sleep Association and will be held at the Darwin Convention Centre.

International speakers include Eve Van Cauter, University of Chicago, Erkki Kronholm, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Turku, Finland,Tea Lallukka, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland and Patrick Levy, Joseph Fourier University, France

ASA President Shantha Rajaratnam said, "This meeting will, for the first time, examine sleep health and the impact of sleep disorders in Aboriginal communities.

"More generally, the meeting will consider the impact of poor sleep on the health of the nation, such as the established links between sleep disturbance, diabetes and heart disease. These findings demonstrate that healthy sleep is vitally important to maintaining health, and should be viewed as a third pillar of health alongside diet and exercise."

For more information go to www.sleep.org.au